Research resources and references:
Summary of the SVA Design for Social Innovation Selfware projects that my grad students developed while this essay was in its final edit.

In no particular order:
Narratives in the business of technology:

The Long Nose of Innovation
Seven Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs, Forbes
The four stages of disruptive innovation, Business Insider
Tihamér von Ghyczy, Fruitful Flaws of Strategy Metaphors, Harvard Business Review
Five things we need to know about technological change, Neil Postman

On storytelling:
A primer on interviewing users, Lou Rosenfeld
The Anthology of Rap, Adam Bradley, Andrew DuBois, Common and Chuck D,
Harnessing the power of stories, Jen Aaker

On women’s bodies
My Body, My Rights! | Amnesty International USA

On sex education
Sex education ‘should teach about infertility’ | Society | The Guardian
Schools failing to teach pupils about infertility | Education | The Guardian
Sex Education – Planned Parenthood
17 Lies We Need to Stop Teaching Girls about Sex, Policy Mic

On single women, masculinity, changing social demographics (across political spectrum)
Jody Day, Gateway Women, 50 Ways Not to Be a Mother
What Me Marry, Kate Bolick The Atlantic, 2011
Austin Institute for The Study of Family and Culture Sexual & Reproductive Health (!)
Ruth Marcus – Elena Kagan: A smart woman with fewer choices?
Op-Ed Columnist – All the Single Ladies –
Centre for Family Research, Cambridge University, Non-Traditional Families Study group (great range of papers, take a look, esp under Prof Susan Golombok)
Male decline is no myth: Why that New York Times op-ed has it wrong.
The rise of the single dad
The Good Men Project
First Comes Love (movie)

On porn
Creative Mornings hosted Cindy Gallop’s talk about Make Love Not The video is up here
Louis Theroux’s documentaries on porn:
1. the 1997 original
2. the 2012 follow up
Journal of Porn studies (a legit academic journal)

On childlessness
“I Felt Like I Didn’t Have a Baby But At Least I’d Have a Book”: A Diane Noomin Interview | The Comics Journal
Gateway Women | We may not be mothers but we’re here, we care, we count and we rock

On grieving the loss of a baby is the national one

On science and technology of fertility
HalfLife Ratio, Natalie Jeremijenko, NYU Environmental Health Clinic, comparing the value human reproductive tissue, specifically the market value of sperm to the market value of Ova, and demonstrating “that new technologies reproduce very old gender inequity”
Extend Fertility – Breakthrough Egg Freezing Technology
Fertility Is a Matter of Age, No Matter How Young a Woman Looks –
Many Women Underestimate (NPR)
(especially the comments)
How Long Can You Wait to Have a Baby? – Jean Twenge – The Atlantic
Selling the Fantasy of Fertility – NY Times op ed, Sept 2013
IVF for women over 40 doesn’t address the root of the problem | Katherine Baldwin, The Guardian
Why the Abortion Pill Didn’t Change Everything – The Cut
How the Pill Changed the World, and the Fertility Problems It’s Causing Women Today — New York Magazine
Mother of George
(feature film)

On working women’s experiences

Recline, Don’t Lean In, Why I hate Sheryl Sandberg, Washington Post
Alice Dreger, Leaning Out Pacific Standard
Sex and the Start-up:  Silicon Valley’s gross gender bias
“Meet the Woman who did everything in her power to hide her pregnancy from Google”, Think Progress
Jezebel’s counter to Bloomberg Businessweek’s Freeze Your Eggs, Free Your Career
Everyday Sexism Project
A feminist critique of Her

Emily Martin, The woman in the body
Anthony Giddens, Transformation of Intimacy
Douglas Rushkoff’s Program or Be Programmed
Jaron Lanier’s You Are Not a Gadget and Who Owns The Future?
Kevin Kelly, Out of Control
Judith Warner, Perfect Madness
Chester Brown, Paying for It
Susan J Douglas, Where the Girls Are and Enlightened Sexism, about media influence on women
Robin Baker, Sperm Wars



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