Praise for P+N

In addition to comments left directly following the essay, some readers have responded by email. Some commenters requested to remain anonymous, so I leave all but the published authors as undisclosed names. Here are some of their kind words:

“A great visual essay…Fantastic project, fantastic work.”

“I have been told anecdotally that the rate of ‘older’ women conceiving was much higher in the pre-pill days and that today this is often forgotten. Many women used to conceive in their 40s and later, and the existence of older mothers was nothing remarkable at all. I don’t know if there is any useful or interesting data about this that fills a gap between today and medieval French church records.” Mrs G, London

“Another thing that I think you’re very very good in bringing to light is that things are *really different* from the generation that brought us up, where choices were limited, grooves were well-worn.” Mr R, San Francisco

“WOW! It’s brilliant. It covers so much of so many of our stories, and in a way that people without a personal interest can also grasp – which for such a complex issue is really a heck of an achievement!”
Jody Day, Founder, Gateway Women, UK

Wow. This is one of the best things I’ve seen on the issue, and for the 1st time ever I’ve shared something about NOMO-ness on my Facebook page. The response is fantastic so far. I really hope it speaks to someone out there in my friendship group. thank you!! this is why I love GW x​

“I nearly missed this absolute gem. Hell I thought what can some lame cartoon say to me that would be relevant😊. I was astounded! There was my whole life in bite sized chunks set before me and I understood with absolute clarity how I arrived at destination Childlessness! Pure genius!

“I really enjoyed this. An easy stroll in the park through some difficult concepts.  Totally accessible across the board.  I wish I could pay to have it screened 24/7 in Piccadilly Circus/Times Square!”
Members of the Gateway Women online forum, UK

“Congratulations. I think this will be really useful in all sorts of settings: political, medical, educational, feminist. And thank you for your kind words, too. I think the energy of your voice communicates so directly; as the Jody Day responses witness!”
Corinne Pearlman, Myriad Editions, Brighton, UK

“Found it very interesting, very beautiful. Powerful and though you clearly want to make it political (and it undeniably is), it’s also deeply personal. Read this.” Mrs W, UK

I am 37…facing the question if I want to have kids…I don’t even have a boyfriend…surrounded by everything you mentioned in your essay…I didn’t know how much where I am today has been influenced by everything I have seen growing up…a moment of awareness…thank you for sharing your master piece…I do have some friends I would love to share this with..” Ms. E, Texas

“My first reaction is to send this to my daughter, who is not thinking about it yet.
Ms W, Pennsylvania

“Thank you for sharing this essay project, it will resonate with so many people.” AC, Los Angeles

“The barometer metaphor. Road maps to reframe. Proper multidimensional generative conversations. Pins and Needles as a vehicle. …a remarkable, eloquent, and humbling piece of work. Don’t know what to say or do yet. I’m going to have to read it again!” Mr D, London

“An amazing, thought provoking piece that openly asks all the hard questions society seeks to avoid, and opens a window on questions I secretly ask myself about our basic, ancient biological programming and increasing conflicts between it and modern lifestyles wants…” Ms H, London

A testament to the power of clear thinking. It will really drive the conversation.” Mr F, New York

“I am officially obsessed with — love the design, the strength of the writing, the drawings, and of course the messaging. Sending the site to all of the women I love.” Ms J, New York

“This is worth every second of reading and more! I really really, truly, honestly, absolutely love the story you put forward here. You really walked me through an experience of what it is like for women from the age of 16 to 40 and above. The topic of what to expect when you are not expecting is not widely discussed among people who work in reproductive health and women at large because it is so drowned out by shaming women’s choices and “responsibilities.” Thank you so much for doing this research and taking this on! You are doing exactly what you are advocating for: to talk about reproductive health with wit and dignity! I am so happy that I want to hug you right now!”  Ms N, New York


One thought on “Praise for P+N

  1. I am a sexual and reproductive health care professional, and I cannot tell you the amount of times I have shared this. Not just with colleagues, friends or patients, but more often than not with women I have only just met in the many airports and hotels I travel through. This is how I thank them – and sometimes console them – for sharing their story with me. Thank you.

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